Conditions and Formalities

For all trips to Nepal or Tibet, it is better to keep a minimum of flexibility for unforeseen circumstances: It is preferable to keep at least one or two days of security at the end of the stay.


It is imperative to suscribe insurance to cover repatriation costs and research expenses in the mountains (by helicopter). Check the amounts guaranteed by the insurance policy and make sure that the contract does not include a clause (especially for insurance provided by credit cards). If medical or emergency expenses are not covered by insurance of the client, all costs would be payed by him.


In this case, we try to take the necessary steps to remedy and to organize your stay in the best conditions, without additional charge. However we can not be responsible for changes due to weather conditions, with poor roads, paths, delays or flight cancellations, overbooking in air transport and hotels, important change of exchange rates of international currency, the political problems, strikes, change the rules of tourism in a country, the health problems of one person of the group, the mechanical problems of an independent transporter or anything that is outside our control. Any additional costs (transport, housing, food, guides and porters salaries…) led by one of the reasons listed above or any other cause beyond our control will be charged to the customer. Also, no unexpected events can lead to a full refund.


According to the holidays and the activities you choose, we reserve the right to ask you a deposit to cover expenses prior to your arrival. This one will be communicated to you during registration and is payable by bank transfer.

IMPORTANT: On the transfer order, please indicate that the costs of transfer shall be borne by the payer. If the amount payable to our bank is not the amount of the deposit, you must pay the difference when you pay the balance of the stay. Of course, in this case, we will provide proof from our bank showing the amount of the transfer.

If you cancel your reservation less than ten days before the departure date, your deposit will not be rendered. A cancellation by you more than ten days from the date of departure, see you recover 50% of your deposit.


For the final payment of the invoice of your stay, you can pay by international bank transfer, but at least 1 month before your arrival in Nepal. Otherwise, and in most cases, we ask for the sum due upon arrival in Kathmandu, the first day. We do not accept credit cards or checks. The payment is therefore in cash (or traveler check):

  • Either in Nepali Rs. We then convert the price of the trip into Nepali rupees, at the rate of the day.
  • Or in euros or dollars (after conversion). The rate is revalued by 2.5% to offset the comissions bank at our expense.

Change in the exchange rate / inflation: Nepal is a country undergoing major changes and its economy is quite unstable. It is therefore possible that between the confirmation of your stay (payment of deposit) and the final payment of the balance, the exchange has undergone major changes. Also, the general price inflation is sometimes sudden and unpredictable (for fuel in particular). In these cases, we reserve the right to increase the price of the stay in proportion to the change in concerned monetary or in proportion to the inflation of prices of services concerned.