Mutual Agreement – Homestay


For guests:

  • Those wanting to stay with families are willing to share for a life of Nepal. They agree to live in conditions of comfort often precarious. Depending on the situation: lack of water, no shower, few furnitures, thin mattress, promiscuity, and simple local food (rice, vegetables)…
  • Guests must respect the traditions of the family and shall impose anything to them, in no case. Before taking an initiative, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a Nepali…
  • The agency and the family are not responsible for theft or physical damage suffered by the hosts.
  • Tourists should have the main basic medicine to treat headache, stomach problems, colds… Do not forget the toilet paper and a plastic bag for your waste.
  • For security, a member of the family home or a guide must accompany guests. Otherwise in case of problems, the agency or the family can not be responsible.
  • Guests must not give gifts or money if the Nepalese ask for it. Giving gifts is possible, but at the initiative of tourists only.
  • In case of misconduct or lack of respect for family life, the agency may decide to replace the homestay nights by nights in hotels.

For families:

  • Families should prepare the arrival of guests with attention, particularly to clean and maintain a basic hygiene of housing.
  • Families have to take care specially of: the hygiene of toilets, kitchen and bedroom (clean matress and blankets), enough cooking meals, providing clean water.
  • Families should share as much time as possible with the guests and share with them moments of life: cooking, meals, prayers at the temple, leisure, work in the field…
  • If one member of the family can speak English with guests, it would be an advantage.
  • In case of problems, families must notify the agency as soon as possible and if necessary (medical emergency), take the initiative.
  • Families should respect the privacy of the guests (knock the door before entering in their room).
  • For security, at least one member of the family home or a guide must accompany guests. Otherwise in case of problems, the agency and the family can not be responsible.
  • Families should not ask for gifts or money from their guests. However, they are allowed to accept when offered.