Teraï, in the south of the Nepal, stretches all along the country. In the past this lowlands was reclaimed, so it was necessary to create reserves. Those are remarkably rich and preserve unique systems in the world. Alternation of prairies, of bush and forests is perfect for many species of plants and animals. Some of them are in way of extinction…

cul-chtw5The discovering with specialized guides, by walking, boating, elephants riding or else by jeep, will allow you to approach the birds, leopards, rhinoceros, crocodiles and maybe tigers or dolphins of Gangus. Also, you will discover villages and the local population: Tharu people.
The park of Chitwan is accessible from Kathmandu or Pokhara. It is very well structured for the welcoming of visitors, and installations are confortables. You will be in full board.

The national parc of Bardia (bigger space protected from Nepal) is less seen frequently because more difficult of access, but a little richer in diversity.