A stay Tibet has been for a long time an inaccessible dream for the Westerners. Tibet has a long and complex history and a lot of changes take place there, especially since the invasion of China in 1959 and the unavoidable dilution of Tibetan culture. However, this one resists by the power of their philosophy and their way of life.

Today, a stay on ” The Roof of the World ” is possible and the possibilities of circuits are numerous. Definitely on, Lhasa and the famous palace of Potala are the main centres of visits, but we can also travel towards other major sites (Shigatse, Gyantse, Ganden, Everest, Kailash…).


It is also a stay which must be taken as an adventure : Chinese directives in tourism are regularly changed, transfers are sometimes long and difficult, facilities outside of big cities are very simple and without luxury, the risk of having the Mountains sickness is always present… A correct physical condition, (even if your stay includes not so much walk) and a good mind are therefore indisputable trumps for such trip.

Though it is there, to travel in Tibet remains an outstanding experience and you will keep an extraordinary memory of monasteries, meeting with Tibetan, and on the chain and high Himalayan plateau.