You have no choice!

There is only one way really adapted to approach this fascinating Himalayas and discovering the multiplicity and the diversity of its people, the culture, theses religions: TREKKING.
So, the Nepal is one of the few country where we are still able to walk in area giving in same time some spectacular landscapes and the always enlived villages, where meet and exchange with people always constitute strong instants of your stay.
Our routes are carefully studied, particularly for the altitude: Climbs are progressive to avoid the mountain sickness (our guides will take care of that).
Before opting for a destination, it is important to reflect well according to your capacities (length of the trek, difficulties, climate). Itineraries are enough varied and different. Each of you can find one on his convenience. All our stays presented on this website can be arranged, according to your wishes (cf options).

trek-generalDo not hesitate to ask us advices to perform your preparations : Whether to prepare your bag (please, avoid suitcases) or administrative formalities : passport, visas, insurance, airport taxes, Nepali rupees …

Nothing would be possible without our guides and porters : They were always exploited (still too often), but we stay up has that they are correctly equipped; we assure them in case of accident ; the load of the porters does not exceed 20 Kg. They are competent and experienced : They will share their knowledge of the country.

If you opt for a trek, it is also to discover preserved and wild territories: Therefore do not let your rubbish. We are able to recommend you : Tablets to purify the watter rather than to buy plastic bottles which pile up in many places ; Take a lighter to burn the inflammable waste (toilet paper); Taken “ecological” shampoos and soap because it does not exist any water treatments …

We manage for all administrative formalities : trekking permit, approval of entering in the national park. For your security, we shall ask you, on your arrival, photocopies of your passport and your insurance that we send to your embassy in case of problem.